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Right now, how can you not discuss politics publicly?How can you not have strong, pent-up frustrations on whatever end of the extremely polarizing voter spectrum you fall on?So while everyone else is making New Year’s resolutions about the gym and credit card spending habits, take a moment to reflect on how much better you’ve gotten at handling dating.Here are dating accomplishments to reflect on as we begin the New Year.

They probably told you that doing so could illicit ideologies from the guests that, when spoken aloud, might inspire vocalized riots in between courses.A lot of people like to think about how they’ll do things differently in the New Year, and while that certainly has its place, you shouldn’t forget to reflect on what you did great in the past year!If you pay attention, take the lessons life has to offer, and put your ego aside, you probably grow a lot regarding the way you approach relationships and dating, every year.At a time when there have been reports of married couples considering divorces and separation because one partner wants to build the wall and one wants to deal in, how does one date debate politics?While Trump may not think he has to do the necessary legwork for his impending debate with Clinton, in the dating world, it’s always a good idea to be prepared, should a debate arise.

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