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Three web cameras now let you monitor their progress, day or night, all year round.During last year's breeding season our cameras and blog brought all the action and updates to over half a million visitors.What you need to know: Kitten Rescue is based in Los Angeles, CA and can shelter up to 150 kitties at a time.Why you'll never look away: What's better than watching kittens snuggle with each other and get into mischief?But be careful; if you leave the Kitten Rescue cam on too long you might die of cuteness overload.What you need to know: Goats Live features two mini Saanen goats from a farm in Brooksville, FL.

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You can view Derby Peregrines live on our Peregrine Webcam Pages.

Follow this external link to our Peregrine Blog for all the latest news from the Peregrine Project Team.

Derby lies in the centre of England, and the ancient stone tower of its cathedral dates back over 470 years.

Records suggest that peregrine falcons have roosted and hunted from the tower at many times over the centuries.

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