Amanda peet jack nicholson dating

He was with Lara Flynn Boyle for a while, literally half his age, but what can you do? If he were just some 60-year-old guy, he probably wouldn't be so lucky, but he'll be Jack for the rest of his life, and will probably steal women from 20-something guys until he's 100.

I wasn't standing off camera for that, but she looked great. It's easy for her to say all this, but look, the woman is in tremendous condition.Diane Keaton gives the performance of her career in 'Something's Gotta Give,' writer/director Nancy Meyers' smart and savvy take on middle-age romance.Keaton plays Erica Barry, a 50-something playwright living on her own in a swanky beach house in the Hamptons."One of the common conversations that I have with friends of all ages, particularly midlife people, is that whatever their situation, if they're not in it, they all yearn for one more really romantic experience.That exalted, wonderful feeling that you say that you'll never do again when you're not in it, but nothing stands in the way of this, and that's what I think that this refers to." To be fair to Keaton on the nudity front, Nicholson bared his ass too. I even suggested that they use it for the one sheet [poster] for the picture, but of course, that's illegal.

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