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Brand suffered a fractured rib, swollen arm and chest pain, prosecutors said.

The argument “escalated” and Cumia “assaulted” Brand, according to the complaint.

The episode begins with Louie exchanging a few jokes with his two daughters around the dinner table.

Then it skips to him telling a joke about his daughters' jokes at a local night club.

Following that, he is invited to dinner by a comedian friend (Allan Havey) and his wife.

He shows up to learn that he has been set up with a woman named Laurie (Melissa Leo).

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Radio personality Gregg 'Opie' Hughes, 53, said his fate with Sirius XM could be in the hands of his longtime rival, Howard Stern, 63, after he convinced a cleaning lady to grant him access to Stern's sealed-off quarters at the company's New York City headquarters.In the live stream on his You Tube account, Hughes took his online viewers on a tour of the lavish Big Apple broadcasting facility, trailed by Small and comic Vic Henley.As he progressed, Hughes eventually peered down a hall where Stern's since-abandoned fist emblem adorned the door.Then eventually played the devil in Deal of a Lifetime (1999).Anthony Cumia, the controversial shock jock from “Opie and Anthony,” pleaded not guilty Sunday to assaulting his 26-year-old girlfriend at his Roslyn Heights home.

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