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Her longtime friend Gary Spivak approached her with the idea for Fidelity -- a dating website aimed at people who have been cheated on.Fidelity is their response to popular cheaters' websites such as Ashley, whose motto is "Life is short.

I’m on Ashley, the behemoth of extramarital-dating sites, whose controversial slogan is "Life is short. But you probably don’t know anyone on it—or at least anyone who admits to being on it.Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman argues that "the social experiment of monogamous matrimony is a failed one." A former employee is suing the company for -million after alleging she attained a permanent wrist injury while typing 1,000 fake profiles for its Brazilian website. But if I wasn't and I wanted to spice up my life with a bout of infidelity, there are several dating websites designed with that in mind.What motivated these men to want to have an affair -- or multiple affairs? And what about the number of celebrity marriages that are breaking up, or the bizarre mid-life crisis exploits of male celebrities?(We're thinking of Charlie Sheen here.) Are some men just dogs? In this post, we want to expose the real reasons we think so many men are turning to extramarital affairs -- and what you can do now to affair-proof your relationship.

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