Brandy and wanya morris dating

to reality TV and back, Brandy has had varying levels of success for nearly 2 decades.

So, would it be presumptuous of me to assume that everyone (or at least all 20-30 somethings) has a fond Brandy memory?

Blogspot, Xanga, Livejournal and countless other internet sites were the home to our early 00s thoughts and terrible spoken word poetry.

In this new era of blogging, Facebook has become the home of writing down these thoughts.

As sappy as some of it was, there was maturity to it too, as if tokens of wisdom fell into a batch of diary entries.

It's the sound of a young girl, wearing synthetic braids and oversized clothes, wanting so bad to be grown. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, here we break down the 14-track classic track-by-track.1.

We've got none other than Usher, whose dimples were as irresistible in 1997 when he played Jeremy Davis, a classmate who cranks up the charm at a home-thrown pajama party, as they are now.

But sorry, Jeremy, Moesha prefers it Andrew Keegan and his flowing mid-1990s mane as Moesha's old friend who comes back into her life after her father of all people plans a reunion.

In the interview he denies dating Kylie and states that they really are just friends. But I’ve been friends with them before I even met [Blac] Chyna.Levelheaded and hardly edgy in comparison, a then 15-year-old Brandy stuck to wholesome innocence.She sang about feelings of butterflies and breakups and seemed confident in her purity. Twenty years later, the album's biggest singles ("Baby," "I Wanna Be Down") now sound like capsules of that hip-hop pop-soul era.Throughout the album, Brandy's vocals and her low, flexible tone revealed its gospel roots and helped strengthen the weaker content. "Movin' On"Brandy immediately establishes herself as the good girl whose idea of edge is probably staying out 30 minutes past curfew.Of her six albums,, with over four million copies sold in the U. She's okay being viewed as a holier-than-thou outsider, if it means staying true to her values: "I could be a typical kind of girl wasting my time/ But that ain't my style," she sings.

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