Cavalleri dating kristin lachey nick

Things were going well until April 2007 when the couple called time on their relationship. They got engaged in 2010, and as we all know, went on to marry in April 2011.

They welcomed their first child, Prince George, in July 2013.

As if this perfect little family could get any more cute and perfect!

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Cavallari has been on the rebound since breaking up with boyfriend Brody Jenner.PHOTOS: Hills stars, how they've changed After Lachey, 40, congratulated Cavallari, 27, on her second pregnancy, she declared, "Camden's going to be a great brother! PHOTOS: Kristin's first pregnancy "TRL was the first show I ever did, 10 years ago. In addition to talking about her married-dating life, Kristin also talked about having sex while pregnant, saying This is what it’s like to be professional adults!Kristin Cavallari and Nick Lachey dated for a hot second back in 2006, but things didn’t work out for them, which ended up being perfect because they both met their soul mates!

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