Dating professional footballers

Malissa Satta has dated quite a few footballers in her time and recently she has been dating Ghana international Kevin Prince Boeteng.She was part of that world cup body paint campaign for Sports Illustrated a few years back.The first openly admitted case of footballer being gay dates back to 1990 when Justin Fashanu announced his homosexuality, which did not go too well for his career and he ultimately took his own life 8 years later in 1998.British media has been actively trying to find the next gay footballers since than.Former Man City player Scott Sinclair is struggling to take his career to next level but off the field he has scored a beauty in Hele Flanagan whom he has been dating in the last year or so.She is german top model and a TV personality, unlike other women in the list she is actualy smart and finished marketing degree.

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The list is random so dont take the numbering as hotness meter.

We tried to dig up a few sites to get this information which might or might not be accurate. Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating Irina Shayk since 2010 and she is probably the longest relationship he has since he turned professional.

The relationship however came to abrupt end earlier in year as Irina shayk called of her ties with Ronaldo.

‘She was over the moon – just to see her face and the difference it made to her was lovely.

I’ve been giving shirts away in schools too - I just want to engage girls and hopefully giving them bits of kit will make a difference.’ For the first time in her 18 year career Stoney was given three bags of free kit and was hugely excited by the presents.

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