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The first dinnerware pattern produced by Royal Copenhagen in 1775 was called Blue Fluted, which is still produced and hand-painted today.

It features a floral pattern similar to those of Chinese porcelain sets, but it eventually became a pattern synonymous with Danish porcelain.

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This book presents the finest in porcelain art from Royal Copenhagen.

It is a part of the design of the vase and covered bowl in the image above, but only a part.

It's made with a hole on the back inside rim to allow it to be hung as a decoration the vase is marked as a factory 3rd, I can see no flaws except the small burn flaw on the underside of the bottom rim.

Another 1770s pattern known as the Bird Service was produced for the Queen.

Our speciality is Copenhagen porcelain and collectibles - all preowned and most discontinued many years.

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