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Adds Ranvir amidst dollops of dumpling, “Why only a marriage, no relationship is immune to the itch.” Seconds Rajat’s wife Meenal Agarwal, “I think marital boredom is more of a cycle than a problem.” Koel Purie, clearly enjoying the Suan Lat Thong soup starts off with a curt ‘I’m not married, I can’t comment’ approach.Ranvir replies with a grin, “I’m not married either, but I don’t see why I have to eat the cake to know that it’s bad.” Retorts Koel, “After some time – it could be seven years, seven months or even seven days – marital boredom’s bound to set in.The Transport For Luvin’ “Datemaster” is offering city singletons a breakfast date on their way to work for next week.According to a survey, over half of Londoners say they don’t go on dates because they don’t have the time.There was not one, but two unanswered texts from him to her.It was right there, in that moment, when he coined what now may be one of my favorite phases of all time.

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As I got older, the dating double-standard between my brother and I grew ever more apparent.On this night in particular, we were discussing a much older patron (who was also a regular).He had insisted on taking my sister's number the night before. So, with pinot noir and giggles on deck, we relayed the entire story to our bartender friend (otherwise known as our trusted advisor).Sitting at the BC Civil Liberties Association booth at the last Vancouver Car Free Day, I watched a man pass by with his two young daughters in tow. Even the most liberal of fathers seem to fall into the role of protector when it comes to their daughters, although by protecting their daughters’ innocence (read: virginity), they often fail to take into account how that perpetuates tired old sexist narratives. There was nothing unusual about this father, save for the fact that he wore his bias openly for the world to see, rather than in the furtive manner by which men slightly more educated in feminism tend to hold their uncomfortability about their daughters dating.

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