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The person you’re texting doesn’t necessarily know you or your sense of humor.

So re-read, double-check, and be careful: “Your texts are stripped of tone and facial expressions—no matter how many emoticons you include,” says House.

There are actually a lot of mistakes you can make that will turn off the person you’re trying to talk to. Ideally, ask to meet up after around 3 or 4 back-and-forth messages. Make a specific plan, including the place and time.

When things you've shared, tweeted, or updated -- but not discussed with your match -- come up again and again as topics of conversation on your date, something just doesn't feel right. But if a relationship is on your agenda, cancel ASAP.

He's probably social stalking you, but often this comes with good intentions. and unless you feel like you've developed that level of sharing with one another you'd be right! While we've all wondered whether or not a guy we're crushing on is into us, be wary of men who are too invested before you bat your eyelashes. But if you're going to overlook a cutie for his digital faux pas, make sure it's a conscious, educated decision.

New York City girls will tell you to piss in the alley.

Charisma, interesting conversation, drinks at a nice joint and then a suggestion to grab a bottle of wine and chill out at her place represents your first tactic.

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