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Security wouldn't give in, despite Chanel dropping Drake's name and Young Money (that's her label).She stormed off, but Chanel tells us she and her friends did make it through the proper entrance a short time later, and partied the night away.Over the weekend, Kendall Jenner and her squad fled to Monaco to cheer on Lewis Hamilton at the Monaco Grand Prix.Now, we’re hearing she supported the Formula One racing driver (and former longtime love of Nicole Scherzinger and reported recent fling of Gigi Hadid) far beyond the sidelines.She is of this view that he is also a superb and amazing musician.

So pretty much I always knew that I wanted to make a career out of music or something along those lines. The producer who just did my mixtape, Rich Skillz, it was meeting him, which helped me get to the next level of my career- musically.Because I’ve worked with a lot of producers and everybody would tell me “You have a dope voice and your talented” , but it was Rich who kept it real with me, and told me to step my game up a little more lyrically.So I took his advice, and I got in the zone and began writing every single day until I got better lyrically.Both of them just keep on sharing latest updates of this relation and pictures on their social media accounts just to show the world that how much they are in love with each other.Though it has just been a year that they are in this dating stuff but we have been seeing that their bonding and relationship has been growing day by day.

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