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“She’s just such a great person, the kindest person in the world, I think,” Jones added.

The suicide announcement that Marcus Jannes made came only minutes before he put the noose around his neck.

Diane Agin and Annette Pangle set up camp around 10 a.m., hoping to get to talk to the TV show host.

Agin, of Kensington watches the show every afternoon and described the TV host as “funny” and “caring,” adding that she loves that De Generes helps so many people on her show.

J., this morning, despite not finding any friends or family to accompany her.

“Didn’t matter,” she said “I wasn’t going to miss this for the world.” Jones’ boss told her to take the day off work, because if she didn’t get her shot to talk to Degeneres, he’d never hear the end of it, she said.

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