Dutch men dating black women

Take Brooklyn native, Ieishah Clelland, who packed up her big apples and went to Barcelona, Spain and Belgrade, Serbia and quickly came to discover her deep brown skin and curvy figure were a hot commodity. According to her, issues of slavery, Jim Crow, and the “mammy/Slore” stereotype generally don’t come into play, so that makes the baggage a bit lighter, so to speak. Hmmmm…he feels freer outside the ‘land of the free?

Apparently, chaps in certain parts of Europe, the Balkans and the Netherlands are climbing over the blue-eyed blonds and checking for the melanin-rich sisters.“So much about this depends on your attitude,” says Clelland, who runs a blog, Brooklyn. “They view us as just Americans,” (as opposed to hyphenated ones).

Some of the mistakes I made are long-lasting and quite irreparable.

However, pure luck and a lot of practice has allowed me to forge genuine friendships with these wonderful women.

)I am a 33 year old european guy from The Netherlands and I stumbled upon you You Tube videos a few days ago, and just want to say that I enjoy watching your videos.

I ordered the book “Swirling: How to Date, Mate, and Relate Mixing Race, Culture, and Creed” a few days before finding your channel, so it was funny to find out you were one of the writers.

Bit by bit, with each journey, I expelled all remnants of a racist ideology that, unwittingly, I had internalized.

By the time I moved to the Netherlands, eleven years ago, the slate had been wiped clean enough for me to inscribe my own definition of who I was.

Dutch women find Dutch guys dull, so as a foreigner you might stand a good chance to start dating one of these tall, independent women.

They’ve welcomed me into their country, their homes and into their hearts.

My Dutch girl friends even flew all the way to my wedding in San Francisco to celebrate my special day.

Dutch culture does not see blackness first and foremost, nor does it place a stigma on skin colour.

I’m often befuddled by the fact that BB&W has almost 1,000 You Tube subscribers, and I wonder who the heck are all these people watching.

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