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But what is most remarkable about the annual meeting is the way Buffett, 86, and Munger, 93, distill their responses to complex, technical questions into eloquent and pithy nuggets of wisdom that even novice investors can understand.

To that end, we've compiled the best Buffett quotes on the hottest topics from the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting 2017.

at some point if there's a major problem, the CEO will get wind of it.

And at that moment, that’s the key to everything, because the CEO has to act.

Learn how Win SLAMM software can help you calculate stormwater runoff volume, pollution loads, and assess a wide range of management measures.

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It was a huge, huge, huge error if they were getting, and I'm sure they were getting, some communications and they ignored them or they just sent them back down to somebody down below.""I would say that driverless trucks are a lot more of a threat than an opportunity to the Burlington Northern.

And I would say that if driverless trucks became pervasive, it would only be because they are safer, and that would mean that the overall economic cost of auto-related losses had gone down, and that would drive down the premium income of Geico.

After all, they don't call Buffett the Oracle of Omaha for nothing."At Wells Fargo (wfc) there were three very significant mistakes, but there was one that was worse than all the others ...

The main problem was that they didn’t act when they learned about it ...

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