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Fast forward past the spell-breaking and interference from the stepmother and our lovers were married and lived happily ever after. The evolutionary theory of love proposes that love functions to attract and retain a mate for the purpose of reproducing and then caring for the resulting offspring.In other words, our ultimate goal is successful reproduction, and the feeling of romantic love that we experience is merely a tool to help us reach that goal.Whilst at Cambridge his interest in Natural History led to informal contacts with professors of Botany and Geology and, through these contacts, to an invitation to join HMS Beagle on an exploratory voyage to South America and beyond as a geologist.This invitation arrived just as Darwin had completed his university degree course and effectively postponed his actually becoming ordained as a clergyman.Darwin, born in 1809 into quite a comfortable background as the son of a well-regarded and prosperous doctor based in Shrewsbury, England, was an avid beetle collector in his teenage-years who abandoned medical studies after being appalled by the sufferings of patients undergoing the surgical techniques of the day, (without relief from anaesthetics), and then entered Christ's College, Cambridge, with the view of becoming a country parson.

Just to illustrate how human bias could unintentionally affect radiometric dating, it could be that there are many different kinds of rock that can be used for dating, and geologists may choose which kind is most suitable depending on the geological period.

But it is not the fact that many people, even scientists, believe a theory that shows it to be correct, but rather that it passes reasonable and unbiased tests of verification.

I have seen many papers by evolutionary biologists presenting evidence and arguing about various mechanisms of evolution, but I have not seen a single paper in a scientific journal seriously considering the question of whether evolution is true and attempting to answer it by putting the theory to an unbiased test.

In broad terms, contemporary evolutionary theory builds on the synthesis of Darwin's ideas of natural variation and selection and Mendel's model of genetic inheritance accomplished by R. However, if I have children, some of my genes persist, and it is here we must look for the appropriate unit of selection.

Nor does it act on collections of individuals, since each of these eventually suffer the same fate (though see below).

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