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Look for the VRS Tac Pack-Powered logo on your next aircraft purchase, and you can be sure it will be a product that brings all that much more fun and excitement to your next flying session!

India Foxt Echo Has done it again with the new release of their Tac Pack-Powered Eurofighter Typhoon!

Four of my computer friends (experts) told me my graphics card would be just fine to play the simulator? After loading the simulator into my computer, the first message I received was "you must have a Geo Force3 or a Radeon 8500 graphics card or better to play the simulator!!! If you have a great top of the line new computer with a super gaming graphics card, then this flight simulator will play great on your computer!!

If you have an older slower computer, like mine, GET A NEW COMPUTER WITH ALL THE SUPER GRAPHICS STUFF YOU CAN GET IN IT!!!!

Many of the features, such as the pilot log book function, simply do not work. Searching online I have learned that Microsoft has some time ago completely abandoned this product, that it was not intended to, and will not work on updated operating systems (I bought a very expensive and capable new computer just for this program) and that many if not most recent buyers are experiencing the same problems, and more.

Each time you start a free flight, do you bother to check fuel quantity as a part of your preflight checks? For most simmers, your default flight has full tanks, however much you used last time.

These products are integrated with the Tac Pack SDK from the ground-up by their respective developers.

These products may all be flown in multiplayer along side other Tac Pack-Powered aircraft for a true virtual battlefield experience!

The first thing I'd recommend to you, if you're planning on buying "Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Gold Edition with the Acceleration Expansion Pack" is to check your graphics card!

Your switches and radios etc are always in the same state, regardless of how you left them, and the battery is never flat. This package contains a pair of tools, , which make it possible to preserve as much or as little aircraft state (eg fuel, switches, etc) as you like between sessions.

Download 32-bit binaries; browse or download sources.

As usual, extract over a fresh EFHK 1.61 installation to avoid any issues.

I got FSX for my birthday and I couldn't wait to start it up; when I did it worked fine but 2 days later -- after 2 mins of gameplay below 16x speed -- it crashed.

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