Good questions for dating game

Questions range from simple questions about personalities and preferences, to personal questions about their love life.

We have provided questions in categories to make choosing those you wish to ask easier for you.

With 150 questions, our list provides everything you need for playing this entertaining game.

The Newlywed Game provides insight into a couple’s relationship, not only for the observers, but also for those answering the questions.

For an interesting and stimulating conversation, try these questions to discover or rediscover who your partner is.(If you’re having trouble even getting a conversation going with your partner, click here for help.)The one quality to keep in mind for the questions below is to treat the responses with respect. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be? What other things would you want to change now, and why?

Try not to argue or negatively judge any of the responses.

Mad TV did one where Kim Jong Il and Sadam Hussein were on it :-) They used to ask silly questions like if I was a cat and you were a dog how would you handle our first date?

From youtube- Andy Kaufman episode: If I were Santa and you were a little boy on my lap, what would you say?

But as time hurtles forward, these great questions get neglected and then abandoned. Karen Carpenter: Pretend that you're your mother and answer this question. Let's hear your best ending for this sentence: I'll do anything for you except... One of the most important parts of getting to know a girl on your first couple of dates is making interesting conversation.When it comes to dating, it seems you can find hundreds of thousands of websites, books, and people offering their tips and advice.I've personally read and heard a lot of this advice, but what I think is the most helpful when it comes to dating isn't giving and getting prescriptions -- it's asking and answering questions.

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