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And that’s part of the reason why we can’t just say, “Well Leviticus has a lot of strange things and so we shouldn’t pay attention to Leviticus.” Because Paul is explicitly drawing this teaching into the New Testament to coin this word which, given the context in Leviticus and how it’s used elsewhere the New Testament, means men having sex with other men.

And there is no real other interpretation that makes the best sense of the evidence both in the early Christian literature and especially in the Old Testament.

Oftentimes the best conversations came in the most unexpected circumstances with brothers I normally didn’t connect with - or to be more honest - brothers that I had written off as uninterested in talking about faith.

Here’s just a few highlights of our conversation: Our mission was to create the most entertaining, hilarious, and fun-to-visit website on the internet for college students.

The Greek Orthodox Church keeps records of its clergymen and complaints against them.

A few weeks ago, I decided to get in touch with someone at Total Frat Move to find out more of what they’re about. First, it’s a conversation that is unexpected and perhaps even taboo. When I tried to visit the site at work, “Explicit - Sexual content” popped up and blocked the site.

Second, as an influencer of what Greeks are talking about online, I wanted to know more about their mission, purpose and beliefs.

Peter got a job right after high school and soon realized that he had a real talent for numbers, but it quickly led him to present an analyst.

Rapist Olga’s neck bent to douse her hot breath and began to caress her neck scorching kisses down below the shoulders, then to the beautiful back without missing not one millimeter reached waist.

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