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The mystery of the true location of the legendary city of Atlantis, which is said to have been destroyed overnight, has captured our imagination for thousands of years.

Now, the discovery of large stone anchors in the Strait of Gibraltar hints the powerful Bronze Age civilisation described by Plato may have existed.

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I received five emails from women, all with the EXACT same relationship problem.

Experts plan further excavations at the site where they believe Atlantis is and at the mysterious 'cities' in central Spain 150 miles away to more closely study geological formations and to date artefacts.

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Ever since we did it, I’ve been worried he’s going to lose interest in me.

I’m checking my phone constantly to see if he’s called and if he doesn’t text for a few hours, I start to freak out.

In a nutshell here is what their email said: Dear Jess, I have a problem with anxiety when it comes to men.

It wasn’t an uncommon problem at all, in fact, their issue was one that I see repeatedly in new budding relationships.

But for five different women, in five different locations in the U.

The programme also includes author Georgeos Diaz-Montexano's idea that some Atlantian refugees fled inland to wat is now Campanario, southern Spain and rock carvings in the area seem to show a record of the epic tale and its drowned port.

Pointing to one of the rock etchings, Mr Diaz-Montexano said: 'You can see around three inscribed boats here with about eight to 12 oars each.'The origins of the myth of Atlantis lies solely with Greek philosopher Plato, who referred to the Bronze Age city in two of his dialogues, 'Temaeus' and the 'Critas', in the fourth century BC.

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