Intimadating a witness

Just don't no what do with her." The complaint says Carthen even provided a letter allegedly written by the victim saying the accusations were not true.That letter was given to prosecutors in the sexual assault case.Using two phones for a crude three-way conference call, Beach told the woman he knew it was her who ratted on him.Police said the woman went into hiding after the conversation because of a history of domestic violence involving Lazo. In addition to Beach, Lazo was arrested and booked on the intimidation charge and attempted coercion.Police said Lazo told Beach he would call his ex and that he was going to "get all their asses." Police also stated that Lazo declared that she is "not going to like it" if she indeed gave a statement against his brother.

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Meanwhile, Roberto Perez, who appeared in Mc Kean County Central Court on Thursday, has requested a preliminary hearing be held, and it is scheduled for 9 a.m. She discovered his body hours later in the same position, court records indicate. Citing jail phone records from May, Beach, who was already behind bars on the murder charge, called his brother, Salvador Lazo, informing him of the statement.Lazo was identified as the father of the witness' child. Perez, 47, appeared in the Court of Commons Pleas before President Judge John Pavlock a full two weeks prior to her already-scheduled June 29 last day to plea conference. Mc Kinney, 35, face charges including drug delivery resulting in death, a first-degree felony, for the investigation from which Robin Perez’s charge stems. She entered a guilty plea to one charge of intimidating a witness/victim, a second-degree misdemeanor. On Thursday, District Attorney Stephanie Vettenburg-Shaffer said that Bradford City Police were interviewing people regarding a drug-related death, and Robin Perez indicated to woman who was interviewed that she was aware she gave statements against Perez’s interest.

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