Jenny sanford dating whom

Other recent photos suggest she's keeping a low profile these days.

In July Hollywood Gossip published pics of her dressed casually and gripping groceries, just in time for Mark's vacation with his wife Jenny to determine the future of their marriage.

The ugliness of the infidelity was compounded by the abuse of power at the heart of a relationship between a public figure and his domestic help.

We soon learned that the liaison with Baena had resulted in a bouncing gap-toothed child.

His NYC mayoral campaign kick-off last week has caused quite a stir in the media.

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Weiner, the democratic congressman who was caught sexting with strangers?

Stories then poured forth of Arnold’s dog days: a pattern of such promiscuity as to make Tiger Woods look like a bashful cub.

Culture delivered to your inbox Forget the dissembling, forget the years she spent defending him against allegations of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile David Petraeus, former CIA Director who resigned after the expose of his extramarital affair, just landed a job this week as Chairman of private-equity giant KKR’s Global Institute. Do any of these disgraced politicians ever “pay” for what they did?

What ends up happening to their marriages & careers?

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