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Frank Vizi is an American professional wrestler, better known by the ring names Bull Pain, Rick Gantner and Psycho.He is best known for his appearances with promotion such as the American Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Federation, World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling, as well as for independent promotions such as the World Wrestling Council, Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, Juggalo Championship Wrestling and Chikara.well im really not very good at describing myself or nything. uh.a RAVER i smoke ciggamerettes and alot of weed.lately cause im on probation i have to "turn a new leaf” gay..i drink occasionally cause of you that know me im not an alcoholic but i am a drunk =D i was a street kid for a while but my luck i got caught i guess thats what u get for havinga family of bloods looking for you(my family).. I am a hardcore Juggalo, which means I listen to ICP almost non-stop…I like to have fun and can have fun doing just about anything. I am awesome, a bitch, and hott as fuck What I’m doing with my life: im just goin with the flow.[on probation] I’m really good at: alot: P The six things I could never do without: music people sex lust love and occational hate The most private thing I’m willing to admit: idk im not a virgin" “My self-summary: Hey, I’m Brandon. I am an inkaholic, I currently have four tattoos with plans on getting many more. I am a freak, a creep, and a juggalo" “My self-summary: I am pretty much me, I am a Buddhist, I Like writing reading painting, computers, Handcuffs. I Love animals and i do dress sort of monotone, but what can i say i like being me?Vizi had a grounding in martial arts and boxing, but having been taken to AWA shows by his father became a fan of professional wrestling (particularly Superstar Billy Graham, The Crusher and The Valiant Brothers). He debuted Milwaukee in 1984 under the ring name "Rick Golden", facing Lance Atlas in his first match.Later that year he joined NWA Heart of America, adopting the ring name "Rick Gantner".I’m also a lot of fun to hang out with, and I can carrey a good conversation.

I love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.One thing i can say with out a doubt is you will never meet anybody like me.I’m a little crazy and sometimes even annoying, but im also a great listener and when im in a relationship I am totally commited to that person.“My self-summary: I can’t stress this enough ladies, NO TWEAKERS, if you are on dope i can’t trust you, I’m not in to playettes, or head trips, I don’t want drama in my life I am drama free, so please NO DRAMA, feel free to hit me up.I would give the shirt off my back, my last cigarette or my last dollar to someone if that tells you anything about my character.

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