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To say our work is adventurous is something of an understatement at times! Chief Creative Officer My enthusiasm and commitment to quality were the driving factors that led to me starting Skylight in 2007, so that I could ensure the excellence and integrity of each and every project we touch.

Whatever the size and scope of the work, we bring that same energy and wonder to all of our projects, and help clients get excited about their offerings all over again too. I have worked at building the company by surrounding myself with experts in various fields, all of whom, like me, are never satisfied with just the status quo.

Animal cookies, granola bars and pre-packaged apple slices may be better options for those who wish to give out edible treats.

Note: Most, if not all, of the items below can be purchased in bulk or at your local discount dollar store.

We have made many friendships with many customers who come to the Kitchener Waterloo area for school, work or other reasons from all parts of the world.

We also encourage students to do well in their studies as well as feed them until as late as am so that they will have enough energy to complete their assignments and study for exams.

Unlike many other forms of Dwarfism, Primordial Dwarfism differs in that all of the bones and organs of the body are proportionally smaller than in an average person, giving them what many have described as a 'doll-like' appearance.

Most primordial dwarves do not live past their teens and face serious medical threats because the bones of primordial dwarfs are very thin.

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