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Thankfully Vision Beyond Borders is providing a better option: a safe house dedicated to the healing and restoration of at-risk women.

The women are taught life skills such as jewelry-making, hair care, and sewing.

90% of the profits go into a savings account for the women for a future small business enterprise, and the other 10% is given to the women for immediate compensation.

The study also suggests initiating advocacy activities to reform the existing discriminatory laws, and initiating a public dialogue on the ethics of sex selection.

Sex Selection: Pervasiveness and preparedness in Nepal Executive Summary This study is aimed at identifying the incidences, causes and determinants of pre-natal sex selection in four of the eight districts of Nepal (as well as Kathmandu) that had high sex ratios for the population below 1 year of age in the 2001 census.

In addition, the study examined the situation in three border routes connecting Nepal with major towns in India.

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