Nick joans and selena gomez dating who is bridget dating

Plus, all four of them have singles steadily holding high spots on the music charts.

However, it's really eight years later and as much as it feels like time has stopped, the former tween stars couldn't be more grown up.

“I put a dinner together with a bunch of really great people, like the Haim girls, who I love.

If you looked at the current entertainment headlines, you'd think it was 2008 again.

Hot 100 Chart Moves: Nick Jonas' 'Jealous' Jumps Into Top 40"Dating other musicians can be complicated at times," Jonas told the magazine.

He dated Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus both on and off and no one ever really knew the true story behind their relationships.There once was a time when Nick Jonas was really playing the field with the women in his life.And no that time is not now even though headlines say he's dating a different girl everyday!But it was great to be able to reflect on your life. DNCE is there waiting for her with the exciting announcement that they're all going on tour together.

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