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It is the purpose of the project to continue the ongoing interdisciplinary research into the Medieval Russian birchbark documents dating from the eleventh to the fifteenth century, which constitute a most valuable source for the history, culture and language of the East Slavic peoples, and to develop a system of electronic resources for their study and conservation.

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It was important for us to handle that adversity and inch back in the second and battle throughout the third." Defeat was hard on a Latvian team that continues to impress here in Germany.

Knowing that success today would go a long way toward booking a place in the last eight for the first time since 2009, Bob Hartley’s players tore out of the blocks.

The agreement not only relates to distribution but also includes joint development of highly innovative products for agriculture and animal husbandry.

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Today in Cologne the two teams were wild once again, sharing eight goals in another frenetic battle that ended with the USA taking a big step towards securing a quarter-final spot.

With barely three minutes to play and the scores locked at 3-3, Andrew Copp came up with the game-winner, streaking from his own zone to make a rendezvous with Latvian goalie Elvis Merzlikins and wiring a wrister that looped off the netminder’s shoulder and dropped in.

We needed to get our legs under us a little bit and get into intensity mode.And with people he calls ideological allies now in the White House, Dugin says he’s bullish on better ties with the US, too.After Turkey shot down a Russian warplane along the Syrian border in 2015, prompting “World War III” to trend on Twitter, the firebrand philosopher used his contacts in both countries to form a backchannel that helped Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan end an increasingly dangerous feud, according to a retired Turkish general who flew to Moscow for secret talks. That’s why the Turks started to trust me.” Dugin, who’s been described as everything from an occult fascist to a mystical imperialist, lost his prestigious job running the sociology department at Moscow State University in 2014 after activists accused him of encouraging genocide.This, and evidence for static amphibolite facies metamorphism in country-rock metavolcanics, lead us to conclude that the gneisses of El-Sibai do not represent an exhumed middle crustal gneiss dome, but are part of the island arc affined allochthon into which they were emplaced synchronously with NW-ward nappe translation.We also report ages from rocks cross-cutting the gneisses and the surrounding island arc affined assemblages that yield the hitherto youngest robust pre-Cretaceous intrusive ages in the Eastern Desert.

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