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They’re sending out the same messages we find on television commercials, in government literature and in corporate advertizing. Now scroll down to my previous post to see the results.

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So, let's find out how Portland's sexual tastes are developing, or—and let's be honest—how our fresh transplants are skewing our data.This a mere week before a self-proclaimed pussy grabber assumed the highest office in the country, and it contains all the core tenets of rape apologism: Never mind that, according to the National Institute of Justice, "85 to 90 percent of sexual assaults reported by college women are perpetrated by someone known to the victim" and "the most common locations are the man's or woman's home in the context of a party or a date." Somehow, Harrop conflates normal behavior—like going on a date or having a friend walk you home—with extreme sports.(I guess just being a woman in the world these days is kind of an extreme sport, though.) I am a survivor of rape perpetrated by someone I knew, and the experience turned me from a relatively happy college student into a shriveled ball of emotional pulp barely able to finish my last quarter of school.I still have one of his pubic hairs in a ziplock bag, the dress I wore that night (once my favorite) tucked far in the back corner of my closet, in a paper bag.According to Harrop, because I took part in "risky" behavior that night (drinking with friends), my attack should be of lower priority for law enforcement and considered a lesser crime by my community.

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