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At this point we are in a holding pattern and are unsure what we will be doing this fall come football season. channel 11 highlights Watch In a matchup of two of the top teams in the state, North Allegheny will visit Gateway for the first time since 1997.

Coach Smith was by far the most accessable and easy to approach Coach we've dealt with and has always been supportive of our website, and since GHS does not have a new head coach yet, we don't know if this website or our great relationship with Gateway football will continue this fall. This will be the first non-playoff head-to-head game for the two teams since 1997.

We will keep it up for the time being for historical purposes.

Regards--- Marianne & Shane Long time, highly successful high school coach Tom Nola - formerly of the Clairton Bears, was hired today (2/19/14) as head coach of the Gators.

Lisa had targeted Rick after catching wind of his groin gift through the school's grapevine.

The school began in the downtown plaza Lugo adobe in 1865 as Saint Vincent's College at the behest of Archdiocese of Los Angeles Bishop Thaddeus Amat.Coach Smith finished his high school coaching career as Gateway's highest winning percentage coach with a 77% winning record.Coach Smith was 101-30 in his 10 seasons as head coach. These are possibly the most important 4 years of your life.This is when you'll most likely start dating for real, decide which college you want to go to, and decide whether or not you want your life to be crappy, or stable and comfortable.

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