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Their main finding was that managing kids activities is stressful for dual-income families.Scott and his team were interested in how ubiquitous technologies in the home could help activity management for these families.This article describes structured networking activities (also know as "speed dating") that succeed in enlivening meetings, strengthening networking, and improving learning.A speed mentoring approach was successful in sharing knowledge among farmers' market managers with different levels of experience.

At Oregon State University we have begun using variations on the "speed dating" model (just another name for structured networking) in a wide variety of settings. Sessions in conferences and workshops, whether keynote addresses, panels, or town hall meetings, share a common characteristic: one person at a time speaks, and everyone else is expected to listen.Often the most animated interactions and the most valuable learning take place during breaks, meals, and receptions.Extending these unstructured networking periods provides one way to improve these events.Farmers and chefs used a more classic speed dating approach to forge new relationships and make deals.Admit it--you wish your workshops and conferences were livelier.

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