Sugar daddy type dating sites etiquette of internet dating

However, finding the right partner all comes down to the website you prefer to use in your quest to find the right partner; be it a sugar baby, or sugar daddy.Signing up on a site that has a small subscriber base means that you do not have access to many potential matches.A sugar daddy – sugar baby relationship is convenient as it cannot be rivaled by any.The benefits enjoyed by the partners are unrivalled.Female, which they call a sugar babe, and male, which they call a sugar daddy.

This dating site is for wealthy men who know what they want, and attractive women who also know what they want.

When signing up, make sure to select the appropriate relationship you are looking for.

You have the option to be in a sugar daddy relationship or, if you want, you can choose ‘not limited to a sugar daddy relationship’.

Here is a little story, from more than 20 years ago totally politically incorrect but here it is because that’s how trading floors used to be back then. This was in Hong Kong before it reverted back to the Chinese….

Anyways, I was there with my boss and we were taken out and wined and dined during the day.

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