Taliban blind dating

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"There is a huge gap between the reality on the ground and the 'remarkable progress' claimed by western diplomats who sit in fortified compounds behind guards..." (Christina Lamb, The Sunday Times, November 5, 2006) Women wailing with grief as they are turned away from a funeral in Kabul in late 1994.

This was a prince, the third in line to the British throne, yet he made it known that he wanted to be treated just as the junior officer he was.’‘We were actually working out when the Taliban opened up,’ remembers Connor.

‘It was one of those fire-fights they regularly mounted from their trenches close by.

Villages around Sangin, a town many of us remember as a symbol of the ferocity of Taliban resistance, with constant attacks, now has Isis presence.

“Mullah Rauf started this, but these people [Isis] are now here, they openly challenge the Taliban”, reported Saifullah Sanginwal, a local tribal leader we had met at the time.

Till, after fifty-five days her blood-soaked semi-naked body was found in Khairkhana, Kabul.

Today again the Northern Alliance, the rapists and murderers of thousands of Shukrias have key positions in the new Afghan government.

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Wherever these words find you, and in whatever circumstances, I want to wish you all a blessed Christmas.’The 23-year-old prince’s circumstances were at that moment without question dangerous and extremely uncomfortable. I honestly don’t know what I miss at all: music, we’ve got music, we’ve got light, we’ve got food, we’ve got non- alcoholic drink. It’s nice just to be here with all the guys, and just mucking about as one of the lads.’ A psychiatrist who once treated his mother, the late Princess of Wales, believes that Harry’s career choice is a direct response to his royal background.

The truth was that while Her Majesty and her guests were beginning their Christmas celebrations in 2007, 2nd Lieutenant Wales was more than 3,500 miles away in southern Helmand, war-torn Afghanistan’s most dangerous province.

Even as his relatives were plumping up the pillows on their four-poster beds Harry — the first senior royal to fight on a battlefield since Queen Victoria’s grandson Maurice in World War I — was surveying the tiny, cell-like room at Forward Operating Base Delhi that was his temporary home.‘We couldn’t believe it when he arrived,’ says Lt Colonel Bill Connor. He came in like a regular soldier and that’s how he remained.

Harry and I made a run for the buildings — we had no body armour on, just our PT kits.

Later that day, during her annual televised broadcast, the Queen must surely have had her beloved grandson in mind as she spoke the following heartfelt words: ‘I want to draw attention to another group of people who deserve our thoughts this Christmas: those who have given their lives or who have been severely wounded while serving with the Armed Forces in Afghanistan.

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