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However, as the case is before the criminal courts, the University will not be making any further statement at this time.”Steven Stauffer, Payne’s lawyer, wrote in an email to the Star that the case goes to trial starting Sept. However, those familiar with faculty contracts said that, typically, there’s nothing in them forcing a professor to report a criminal charge, but that such matters could fall under the university’s code of conduct.

The University of Toronto administration is reeling after only recently learning of a sexual assault charge against a professor — on allegations that date back almost two years.The Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer has a history dating back to 1922, when seven past-presidents of the Engineering Institute of Canada attended a meeting in Montreal with other engineers.One of the speakers was civil engineer Professor Haultain of the University of Toronto. Faculty and programs of research within the department developed many important innovations in statistical science.These include advances in conditional/structural inference and asymptotics; the development of flexible methods in statistical learning including generalized additive models, multivariate analysis, robust estimation, Bayesian nets; designing efficient Monte Carlo algorithms.

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