Validating a passport

If you have had a name change, you will need to change the name that reads on your passport so that it does not cause problems with identity verification while crossing country borders.Additionally, if the descriptive data on your passport is incorrect or needs to be changed, you will need passport validation. If your have one of the above situations or needs, you will need to complete application DS-19, which is the application for passport amendment/validation.I wonder if I was using Homestead or an Ubuntu box if we get the same [email protected] odd as switching to the latest 64bit version of PHP resolved the issue for me, is there another PHP in your path?I'm trying to create a Personal Access Token to use on Postman.I followed the same steps as the video from "What's new in Laravel 5.3" where Taylor does that, but I keep getting "Unauthorized" on Postman...The Nigeria Identity Document Verification Service was conceived as a way of unifying access to the various and relevant identity schemes in Nigeria for ease of verifying the authenticity of any such identification documents.

Your application will be processed faster if they have a British or Irish passport.

By copying and pasting the generated token on, I'm getting "exp" value = 0.

Trying to get to the root of the error, I found out that on the "validation" process, it fails exactly on the "exp" validation. My topic on Laracasts: Another user with the same problem: I guess the 100 years Date Interval yields an int (seconds) somewhere along the way that the exp value is not expecting, setting it to zero and invalidating it. With these edits it's working and we can move on with this awesome package! But I'm still curious, is this normal behavior or something I did or my environment maybe? I've managed to figure out where the problem is coming from ( or it seems )...

This service is currently called the electronic Passport Verification (e-Passport) Service.

Future phases of the Nigeria Identity Document Verification Service would include integration with the date base of FRSC and INEC for the validation of Driver’s Licenses and Voter’s Cards respectively.

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