Validating testing ecommerce platform

Current efforts include testing support of website consolidation/mobile compatibility and Assessment Re Design initiatives.

Evergage also provides a confidence rating using Bayesian statistics so you can validate your test results.Badri Nittoor, CEO of eure Qa said, “ Testing e Commerce applications continues to be time consuming and expensive, creating challenges for e Commerce companies and digital agencies that build or implement these applications”.Unlike many testing tools, however, we offer unprecedented granularity whereby marketers can deploy tests to specific audience segments.This means that manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and anyone selling online to other businesses must be able to present e Commerce storefronts that can present products from multiple sources, display contract pricing and accept orders that have to be processed by existing homegrown or ERP systems.Integrating disparate systems and data sources to an online storefront that provides the rich user experience of a B2C Commerce site, while retaining the requirements of complex contracts and ease of ordering that commercial buyers are used to is no simple exercise.

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