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Judge Rowlands said that he did not understand why the matter had taken so long to get to court, as the victim's family had been horrified by what they had found and had promptly involved the police.

They handed the Facebook and Skype entries over to the police and he was first interviewed in August 2013.

I've seen ladies use the camera on their phone to check their hair and make up!

It's not just for the fairer sex though and if you are recording a video blog it can be useful to see yourself on the screen as you would a mirror.

This was a new use of Internet technology in 1996 and some viewers were interested in its sociological implications while others watched it for sexual arousal.

The Jenni Cam website coincided with a rise in surveillance as a feature of popular culture, exemplified by the 1998 film The Truman Show and reality television programs such as Big Brother, and as a feature of contemporary art and new media art.

Defendant Ian Nicholas Mottram, who is 22 but was 20 at the time of the offences, also got the girl to send her an indecent photograph of herself.

But Mottram, of Oaklands Road, Chirk Bank, escaped an immediate prison sentence at Mold Crown Court on Friday after a psychologist said that his actions were directly related to Asperger's syndrome and other conditions he suffered from.

He said would also engage in a similar act – but the girl did not do as she was asked and had simply pretended to do so, said the judge.

At CEOP we have seen an increase in cases of sexual abuse which takes place solely online.

In these cases the children involved never meet the offender face to face and all of the abuse takes place over webcam.

Ringley's desire to maintain the purity of the cam-eye view of her life eventually created the need to establish that she was within her rights as an adult to broadcast such information, in the legal sense, and that it was not harmful to other adults.

Unlike later for-profit webcam services, Sources stated that Jenni Cam received over 100 million visitors weekly.

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