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The large restaurant consistently serves up acclaimed Japanese cuisine. Lake St.312.733.4818 Brendan Sodikoff's French take on a steakhouse has become a favorite of trendy Chicagoans.

Perfectly cooked beef, oysters, and delicious cocktails create a swanky, speakeasy environment.218 W.

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Café Firenze is an upscale casual dining restaurant serving northern Italian style cuisine.

Join celebrity chef Fabio Viviani and Cafe Firenze as they turn up the heat, pull out the blenders, and sharpen their knifes to teach you some of chef Fabio's favorite dishes.

Chef Fabio will be demonstrating his techniques, tips and tricks to some of his favorite Italian dishes.

We were eager to start a new project with Stefania Moroni to build the future of the new generation of Il Luogo.

Fabio Pisani (born in 1978): When I was 14, my uncle, a chef, brought me to his restaurant in France, where I got impressed by passion and competence.

Afterwards, I moved from the Hotel Palace to the Gallia Palace in Punta Ala and later to Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia, where I’ve been working for 3 years.

As part of the celebrations of the First Italian Cuisine Week we are pleased to present an evening with Celebrity Chef for Scotland, Fabio Campoli.

The evening will feature fine Italian produce from Valcomino in central Italy.

When you walk into Café Firenze you will experience the ambiance of a true Italian Villa with a beautiful expansive granite martini bar, large hearth fireplace, and full leather sofas and booths.

You can bring your family to dine on the rustic farm house tables in the main dining room, surrounded in warm Tuscan colors of rich warm browns and yellows accented with red brocade curtains and tall ceilings laced with Milano crystal chandeliers.

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