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After appearing in Blackball, she moved to Los Angeles in 2003.She has since appeared in both television and film, such as The Mentalist, Brothers & Sisters, Lost, and Grimm.‘It’s quite a traumatic thing for Alice to have to leave Ella to go to work,’ he says, ‘so you can imagine how awful the phone call was when I had to tell her what had happened. But Ella’s fine now and she’ll be thrilled because her mum’s coming home tonight.’ Ella is Ioan and Alice’s only child.The couple underwent IVF treatment three years ago in order to conceive.Actor, Ioan Gruffudd apparently “lost his mind” as Wales beat England in the Rugby World Cup match; yet a video posted by his wife, also suggests he lost his clothes.

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Evans first met actor Ioan Gruffudd during the filming of 102 Dalmatians, while she was in her eight year relationship with Olivier Widmaier Picasso, a grandson of painter Pablo Picasso.Next, she went to Italy to play "Nathalie", in the 1998 Italian miniseries Le ragazze di Piazza di Spagna.Her first English-speaking role was in the Highlander episode 'Patient Number 7'.During his stay on RAD, he was offered small parts in the Academy's productions.Gruffudd finished oboist when he was a teenager, receiving a grade 8 level in ABRSM music examinations and played several years in South Glamorgan Youth Orchestra.

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