Who is jim davidson dating

Anyone witnessing comic Jim Davidson’s return to the stage this month could be forgiven for thinking the 57-year-old was getting his comeuppance for the racist, sexist routine he trotted out before a shift in good taste saw him whisked off our screens nearly 20 years ago.

One of Davidson’s favourite jokes involved the dope-smoking Chalky walking across a zebra crossing. The result is his play, in which Davidson and Blaize recreate that confrontation, using the characters of Eddie Pierce as the old-school comic and Earl T. For a man once dismissed as a comedy dinosaur — a crude, brash, hard-drinking, Page Three Girl-loving bigot — it’s a rather astute piece of work.Meanwhile, ticket sales have soared for a 15-date Davidson tour which hits Basildon on Saturday night. But for many people, Davidson, a staunch admirer of Margaret Thatcher and notorious for singling out disabled people and ethnic minorities during his live shows, will always be a hate figure.put it (owned by Richard Desmond, also proprietor of Channel 5 and an old friend of Davidson’s), has happened a year after he was held by police as part of the Operation Yewtree arrests following the Jimmy Savile revelations.In a statement, Mr Brandman said: "Two women have made allegations in respect of Jim that date back approximately 25 years. Davidson, 59, was reportedly arrested at Heathrow Airport as he returned to the UK to be a contestant on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother.The station would not comment on his inclusion, but he had been preparing to take part in the show, which returns to screens tonight.

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